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First impressions count, especially with your new customers. Putting your company name on a sign will help people find you, but it’s how your name looks that really influences them. Do you look professional, attractive, organized and friendly? If your sign says that you care about your business, customers will know you care about them, too.

That’s why I work closely with our clients to develop the “perfect sign”. Our emphasis at MCS is, first and foremost, design – effective design that expresses our client’s image. Since 1988, we have created, produced and installed Mystic Carved Signs for discerning clients thoughout New England.

Looking at these photographs you may find yourself thinking:

“I can’t afford your work!”

Don’t make that assumption! We can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

We have just one more thing to say…

Machine made vinyl lettering. The important word is “machine”. We are surrounded by machine-made images.
But we as humans are not machines; our eyes and brains have evolved to respond to organic shapes and images.
Hand lettering produces organic, as opposed to mechanical images, inherently more pleasing to you non-mechanical eye.

There are other practical reasons. Vinyl lettering produces a vast amount of waste, of the weeded vinyl, carrier sheet and transfer tape. Lots of bulk waste, most of it plastic. Yuck.

If you keep a sign long enough, it will eventually fade and need refinishing. A painted sign is easy – sanding and fresh paint. Vinyl has to scraped off, which is hours of costly tedious labor; for this reason, we do not refinish vinyl-lettered signs – it’s faster (and less expensive) to paint a new one!

Another thing you won’t see: Banners.

While temporary fabric signs have their place, the vast majority are now digitally printed. As such, we find that we cannot be competitive in that market – many so-called “sign shops” virtually give them away – and we prefer to spend our time and energy on high-quality, permanent signage.

More to the point of all this, is who we are and how we choose to spend our time. We are artisans and craftsmen, not machine operators.

Your sign will be made by hand, using the best available materials, with skills developed over a lifetime of experience.

Get effective advertisement for the roadside, jobsite and beyond.

Since 1988

Designing and producing quality custom signage and graphics since 1988.

First Impressions

First impressions count, especially with your new customers.