Substrate: The materials used to create the sign. Includes MDO – a type of plywood; and HDU – a man-made material that we use instead of wood on most carved or sandblasted signs. We also use aluminum, PVC and other materials, carefully chosen to meet the requirements of each project.

Paint: We use paints especially designed for the sign industry; with very high pigmentation, and bright, long-lasting colors, made to hold up under extreme outdoor conditions.

Hand Lettering: Many of our signs are still lettered by hand – with a brush – continuing an honored, age-old tradition of artistry and skill. Hand lettering gives our signs “life”; an authenticity and individuality unmatched by mechanical, computer-generated lettering.

Hand Carving: Carved signs are a tradition in New England. Our signs are carved by hand – using chisels, knives and gouges, and many are finished with Gold Leaf. The introduction of High-Density Urethane (HDU) as a sign substrate means we can now offer carved signs with the look and feel of wood. Unlike wood however, HDU does not absorb water, warp, crack or rot. Combining the traditions of hand-carving and Gold Leaf with new materials unites the best of both worlds.

Computer-generated vinyl: This has become the standard of the sign industry, replacing most of what was once done by a skilled craftsman with a brush, or other situations where hand lettering might be too costly or time consuming. Like any technology, it has its value – and its limitations.

Truck-lettering: Although we are primarily known for the signs we lettered, a truck or van is one of the most effective forms of advertising that a business can do. As with our other signs, our commitment is to make your business look its best.

Gold Leaf: Imported from Germany, our leaf is nearly pure 23 karat gold, hammered into impossibly thin sheets (leaf) and attached to a sign with special adhesives (“size”). Pure gold does NOT tarnish, therefore is perfect for outdoor use in most instances without protective a coating. The beauty and durability of genuine Gold Leaf is unsurpassed by any imitation product at any price. Accept no substitutes!

Gold Leaf window lettering: Like hand lettering, another “lost art” still used by Mystic Carved Signs; in which Gold Leaf is applied to the inside of a glass window in reverse to create a “mirrored” look. Considered the ultimate measure of a signmaker’s skills, Gold Leaf window lettering is unsurpassed in beauty and elegance, traditionally popular with banks, insurance firms and professional offices. We are proud to be able to offer the classic, traditional service to discerning clients – for whom, only the best will do.

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